PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game

PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game

PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game
PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game
PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game
PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game
PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game
PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game
PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game
PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game
PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game
PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game
PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game

PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game

PRE-ORDER: Tiny Laser Heist: A Hilariously Awkward 3D Heist Game

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  • New teammates every round. Recruit a new heist team each turn!
  • Winning takes dexterity AND smarts. Cunning negotiation often beats physical skill.
  • Cooperate with tiny hands... Each player only gets one!

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Hi. We're Evan & Josh, the co-creators behind this game. We've always believed that party games could be more than just cards and dice, and so we've created Tiny Laser Heist.

Tiny Laser Heist is much more than just hilariously pulling off heists with tiny hands  (though yes, that part is film-worthy every time.) You'll also have to cunningly negotiate and plan smart heists — each round is like a miniature Escape Room on your table!

We designed Tiny Laser Heist to be super easy to learn, but surprisingly competitive and strategic. But, don't take our word for it:

Yep — the lasers actually trigger

A game with "laser" in the name wouldn't be much fun if they didn't actually work. Elastic lasers slot into the easy-to-assemble frame — more get added as the game progresses!

If you bump into one too hard with your tiny hand, boom — they snap off and your heist fails.

Despite lasers detaching dramatically, they're designed to be super lightweight and safe when they go off.

How to Play

What cards are in the game?

Lockpick Cards

The most standard types of cards are "Lockpick" cards.

If you play one, it gives you and your entire heist team the ability to "unlock" and move that color padlock.

Offer up your Lockpick Skill Card(s) to get included in a heist, and to negotiate your cut of the reward!

Powerup Cards

Meet Powerup cards. Some of these are extra advantages you can bring to your heist team, like adding Extra Time, but many are devious (and hilarious) nuisances you can play to sabotage someone else's heist, like being forced to cover one eye!

Others let you backstab your opponents, or earn money in other sneaky ways.

Money Cards

This is what it’s all about. Jewels guarded by more padlocks are worth more money cards!

Before the heist begins, the recruited heist team will all have to agree on what cut of the heist they'll each get for participating — shrewd negotiating is the key to walking away with the most cash and winning!

What's in the box?

When you order the "Base Game" of Tiny Laser Heist, you'll get:

  • 6x Tiny Hands
  • 10x Security Lasers
  • 28x Colorful Padlocks
  • 4x Heist Jewels
  • Easy-Assemble Laser Frame
  • Museum Game Board
  • Central Pedestal
  • Skill Cards Deck (Lockpicks + Powerups)
  • Money Cards Deck
  • Burglar Mask (designates the Mastermind!)
  • Heist Bag for Padlocks

For an an even bigger, better heist experience, check out the Double Cross Expansion below!

Tiny Laser Heist: Double Cross Expansion Pack

Glitter Locks, Sabotage Cards, and Bribable Guards!

We've designed the base game of Tiny Laser Heist to be accessible to anyone, with a focus on keeping heists fast and fun.

But, if you're a serious Mastermind looking for a more mind-bending and cutthroat game, we've designed the Double Cross Expansion just for you.

What's so great about this Expansion Pack? So glad you asked.

Glitter Locks

The Double Cross Expansion comes with 9 GLITTER LOCKS.

When these high-tech locks appear in a stack guarding a jewel, the value of the heist is doubled, but at a cost — you can only move Glitter Locks onto other matching color locks!

Glitter Locks add a self-generating logic puzzle to each heist, forcing you to come up with an intricate plan of how you'll move locks — then, you'll actually have to pull it off!

New "Double Cross" Card Deck

It wouldn't be a Double Cross Expansion without messing with your opponents!

The expansion  adds an entirely new deck of wilder sabotage cards, power-ups, and even sneakier ways to earn money throughout the game.

Finally, meet The Guard.

They're an adorably clumsy, long-armed security master, and they add an extra challenge to each heist!

The heist team is either forced to physically move them out of a room before moving locks or jewels in that room — you'll often have to move the guard multiple times per heist.


Is the game appropriate for everyone?

The content is, but the activity might not be — Tiny Laser Heist can be challenging! There’s probably not a lower limit on age (we designed it to be fun for adults even if tiny ears and eyes are around) but anyone under 8-10 might struggle with the logic aspect of the game.

What skills make you good at Tiny Laser Heist?

We think anyone can be good at Tiny Laser Heist, but you’ll be a pro if you’re good at negotiating and dexterity games. Operation players, you’ve got a head start!

How many players?

Tiny Laser Heist requires at least two people to team up and move the locks, so we recommend 3-6 players, whether you’re playing the base game or with the expansion pack. But, you can easily play with 7+ players, if people are willing to play as teammates!

What's included in the box?

Each Tiny Laser Heist Base Game includes:

  • Laser Frame
  • Museum Game Board
  • Skill Card Deck
  • Money Card Deck
  • 6 Tiny Hands
  • 10 Security Lasers
  • 28 Colorful Padlocks
  • 4 Jewels
  • 1 Pedestal
  • 1 Money Bag
  • 1 Burglar Mask

Each Base Game + Double Cross Expansion Bundle includes:

  • Tiny Laser Heist Base Game
  • The Guard
  • Double Cross Card Deck
  • 5 Additional Lasers
  • 8 Additional Colorful Padlocks
  • 8 Glitter Locks

Is the game cooperative or competitive?

Both! You'll have to team up with others to pull off heists since you'll each only have one tiny hand to move locks with (the cooperative side of the game) but you'll be in it for yourself (ultimately making your heist team your opponents) since the single winner is the person with the most money at the end of the game.

When will I receive my pre-order copy?

Tiny Laser Heist is currently in production, and orders are estimated to ship in June, 2024. You can check back on this page any time for updates on production, and you'll receive a tracking number as soon as your individual game(s) ships.

Meet the Creators

Hey! We're Evan and Josh, the mischievous folks that created this game.

We're not some big corporation — we started making games for fun one day, and now we're lucky enough to do it full time. Hope you give this game a shot!

High-quality products, higher quality Customer Service

We know pre-ordering from a company you may have not purchased from before can feel... unusual. But, even though you won't be receiving this game for some months, we want to take some time to talk about how committed we are to making both a high quality product, and making sure it gets to you as hassle-free as possible.

Product Quality

A game like Tiny Laser Heist is likely more "3D" than you're used to, and it's super important that all the components feel strong, long-lasting, and well made. We're working with one of the top game manufacturers in the world to produce this game, and we're even more confident in their production abilities, because they manufacture Abducktion, another game we make that includes 80 plastic ducks and a 3D, silicone UFO.

Here's what some previous customers have said about the quality of Abducktion:

"...the internal packaging and storage is the most well thought out design I’ve ever seen for a storing the pieces! I wish more designers put as much effort into all the aspects of the game as these guys!" —Sammie S.

"Abducktion is even better than I imagined. First, the material itself is amazing. High-quality cardboard cards with great artwork. The formation cards have a thick feel with a beautiful foil backing. The formation cards themselves are top notch. The UFO is well designed, not only to hold the ducks, but the ability to blindly draw the ducks is effortless.  Second, the storage box is incredible." -Mike C.

"This is my favorite Very Special Games game yet (and I love them all)!!! It's so strategic but also easy to learn and the games go quickly. The pieces are all very high quality! Absolutely love it!!" -Steph H.

Customer Service

Product quality doesn't matter much if your game doesn't make it to your door! Our company has successfully shipped more than 500,000 games to individual customers in the past four years, and we've gotten quite experienced in every step of the logistics journey, from international freight to your individual tracking numbers.

But, sometimes packages get lost or damaged. If this happens, no problem — you'll just reach out to our Head of Operations and Customer Service, Blake. She handles our customer service and logistics full-time, and if we need to reship or replace a part, we're ready to.

Here's what some customers have said about our Customer Service:

"Well, didn't you just make my day! I'll be sure to shout from the rooftops for service like this. Thanks for restoring my faith in customer service!" -Elaine J.

"This is the best customer service I have received from a company in a very long time. The games were on my doorstep in less than 24 hours of my email. Please don't lose this as you continue to grow the company. Absolutely fantastic from beginning to end. Thank you!" -Billy T.

"I sincerely appreciate your dedication to customer service! I wasn't expecting that type of response and especially not quickly. Thank you!" -Joshua K.