Hello! We're Evan and Josh.

Nice to meet you, internet friend. We're Evan and Josh, the two guys behind all this (disappointing, we know). We're so happy you've stumbled across our Very Special Games!

We're a two-person creative team, founded in Memphis, TN back in 2019. We started playing our first prototype game on sticky notes during lunchbreak at the consulting firm we both used to work at, and a few months later launched our first game, Charty Party, on Kickstarter. 

Since then, we've been making party games and losing hair at an ever-increasing pace — welcome to Evan and Josh's Very Special Games Company!

Our Game Design Philosophy

Party games that won't play themselves.

We were tired of games that were just reading pre-written jokes off cards. We wanted to make a new style of party game that gives people opportunities to be as hilariously creative as they can.

Games that help anyone be funny.

We've found nearly anyone has the ability to come up with hilarious stuff, but they need the right starting point. Our games are designed to help both the shyest folks and master comedians create totally original humor every time they play.

More clever than crass.

We love dark humor and a well-timed fart joke, too. But, we decided our games shouldn't be offensive just for the sake of it. Most of our games are meant for adults, but can be as clean or as dirty as your group wants to make them.