Retailer Policy

Charty Party, LLC DBA Very Special Games (“Very Special Games”) is committed to the long-term interests of not only Very Special Games but also our distributors, resellers, and brick and mortar stores, and their customers. To support this mission, Very Special Games is establishing this Retailer Policy (“Policy”) to express Very Special Games’ preferences in pricing of Very Special Games products.


This Policy is a unilateral statement of Very Special Games’ preferences for its resellers. Resellers remain free to establish their own prices and it is not the purpose of this policy to restrict, coerce, force, or reach agreement with any reseller to charge a particular price for any Very Special Games product.


  1. Definitions:
    • End-User: An individual customer who purchases a product from a retailer, who is intending to use the product for the customer’s personal use, and who is not intending on reselling the product.
    • Very Special Games Product: Any product currently being sold by Very Special Games as part of its current product listings.
    • MAP: The minimum advertised price for any Very Special Games Product as specified on the Very Special Games website ( or that Very Special Games otherwise communicates to You.
    • You: Any reseller, distributor, vendor, electronic store, brick and mortar store, or other venue that sells Very Special Games Products to End Users.

  2. MAP Policy:
    • Do not advertise a Very Special Games Product at a price below that of the Very Special Games Product’s published MAP.
    • Very Special Games will, without assuming any liability, cancel all orders and refuse to accept any new orders for any Very Special Games Product should You fail to comply with the Policy.
    • This MAP Policy is applicable in the USA and Canada.
    • Very Special Games may, in its sole discretion, provide a list of Very Special Games Products exempted from this Section 2 of the Policy.
    • Very Special Games may identify periods of time where the MAP Policy is not applicable to retailers. Information about these times will be provided on the Very Special Games website.
    • Very Special Games may provide additional information regarding this Policy from time to time in the form of Frequently Asked Questions to be made available on its website.
    • Very Special Games will unilaterally determine whether Very Special Games Products are being advertised, offered, or sold in compliance with this Policy.

  3. Sales Channel Restrictions:
    • You may sell Very Special Games’ products on their own company owned webstores, but may not sell Very Special Games products as a 3rdparty seller on any webstores including, but not limited to:


  1. General:
    • This policy is non-negotiable and will not be altered for You or any other retailer.
    • Nothing in this Policy shall constitute an agreement between Very Special Games and You.
    • If you choose, you may forward information about non-compliance with this Policy to However, be advised that no Very Special Games employee or personnel will acknowledge receipt, respond, or follow-up on what you report nor will they discuss enforcement of the Policy.