Meet Bloomchasers

30-min light strategy game for adults! Grow your flowers and outwit opponents on a stunning 3D tree, either as a team or competitively.

Time-lapse of a board game involving tree growth with colorful tokens and weather cards.

A game that's beautiful enough to leave out once it's done

We designed Bloomchasers to be a relaxing, aesthetically beautiful game with just the right amount of competitive mischief. Here's what WE like about the game:

3D Gameplay: Tree grows as you play

Surprisingly strategic: endless combinations!

Learn to play in minutes!

How to play

Here's how it works: Each turn, players — affectionately called "Bloomchasers" — place a new branch onto the tree, along with a "bud" of your color. Your goal is to place your buds in certain shapes so when a Bloom card is drawn, you're set up to grow flowers (and your opponents aren't!)

Your ability to read and predict the weather will help you bloom faster and make sure you're growing the most valuable flowers to win.

Time-lapse of a board game involving tree growth with colorful tokens and weather cards.

What's in the box?

  • High quality tree trunk base

  • 24 branches (4 shape varieties)

  • 36 flowers (3 types per player)

  • 160 "buds"

  • Weather Cards Deck

“As strategic or casual as you want”

"Bloomchasers is awesome because you can play casually or strategically and have a great time either way! On the surface, it's a pretty, satisfying game, but you can also dive as deep as you want into the strategy to make it more competitive."

Virginia S., playtester

"Components are... amazing."

"The perfect 'tree-D' game! Beauty meets just enough friendly competition to keep you coming back for more."

Sarah M., playtester

A 3D board of leaves that grows as you play

Hand holding green LEGO flower pieces with a blurry background of a table with assorted LEGO parts.

Quick to play: 30 min games

Teach anyone to play in minutes, and fast enough to play over the breakfast table!


Easy to learn, but the 3D gameplay gives endless possibilities!

1-4 Players:

Each round has you outwitting and outgrowing your opponents — grow the most flowers by the end to win!

Delightfully high quality

From the intricate branches to beautiful flowers, each game blooms into a stunning 3D tree

Want a challenge? Meet the Birds and Bees Expansion Pack!

Ready to prove that you’re the ultimate Abducktion champ? Adds new, tricky game elements with movable birds and beehives that double your scores. Also, expands the game up to 6 players with additional flowers and branches!

We plant a real tree for every Bloomchasers game sold

We've partnered up with Plant with Purpose, a non-profit that manages reforestation efforts around the world.

For every Bloomchasers game sold, we're able to plant a real tree in the Dominican Republic — you've already helped us plant 6,260 new trees!

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